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Du vet väl om att du kan använda ditt Friskvårdsbidrag hos oss?
Vi drar av det på plats.


Hässlö kropp

Kroppsinpackningar och saltscrub. Massage ingår i alla kroppsinpackningar.


Priser ​

20 min 695 SEK

50 min 995 SEK

80 min 1295 SEK ​


Priserna gäller ej vaxning eller bryn & frans samt tilläggspriser.​​​​

Selection of Hässlö body treatments

Botanical Crush

Luxurious mineral-rich treatment

​Uplifting salt manger that is tailored for each person where you initially choose which organic aroma oil to use. After the body peeling, you get a soothing massage with botanical essential oils.

Body wrap

80 min

Here you choose a warm wrap with algae or mud, followed by a massage and facial treatment. Algae- firming & cleansing. Clay- Muscles & leads.

Lavendel Dream

80 min

Begins with salt scrub, full body massage, face and scalp massage with warm lavender oil. Relaxation & balance.​

Energy Dream

80 min

Begins with a salt scrub and warm ginger oil that is massaged into the entire body. Followed up with a body wrap and scalp massage. Heat & renewal.

Mindfulness massage

80 min

A unique treatment that combines classic massage and mindfulness.

Treatment Massage

50 min, 80 min

A more in-depth massage with the main purpose of treating pain areas and softening stiff muscles.

Aroma Massage

50 min, 80 min

A nice and relaxing massage performed with a warm oil in slow, long strokes., For the stressed person who wants to relax and almost fall asleep.

Hot Stone Massage

50 min, 80 min

A relaxing full body massage where hot stones are used as part of the massage. The stones soften muscle tension and provide energy.


20 min, 50 min, 80 min

Through a combination of pressure and stretching, work skin and muscle tissue. Muscle stretching is a technique to directly affect muscle tension, elasticity, ability to move and thus indirectly also the mobility of joints.

Ögonbryn Hårborttagning

Hässlö bryn & fransar

Frans- och brynfärg inkl plock

30 min - 450 SEK


Färg av fransar

30 min - 395 SEK

Färg av bryn inkl plock

30 min - 395 SEK​​​ ​​


Hässlö vaxning

Halva ben

30 min - 550 SEK


Halva ben & bikinilinje

45 min - 695 SEK


Hela ben & bikinilinje

60 min - 850 SEK​​​ ​​ ​


Haka eller överläpp

15 min - 300 SEK​​​ ​


Haka & överläpp

15 min - 350 SEK​​​ ​


Armhåla eller bikinielinje

30 min - 395 SEK​​​​​​​​


Flottiljgatan 69

721 31 Västerås



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